Be Healthy® Immunity Boost

A liquid immunity supplement with 3-in-1 pre, post + probiotics for gut health plus vitamin C, zinc and elderberry to strengthen immunity and overall health.

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BeHealthy is a multifunction gut health and immunity supplement. Formulated with an award-winning prebiotic, Frutafit®, postbiotic Totipro® and probiotic BPL1™, plus vitamin C, zinc and elderberry, BeHealthy improves digestion and reduces bloating, while supporting the immune system and skin health.

Gut health is determined by the gut microbiome, which is made up of naturally occurring microorganisms like good bacteria, fungi and viruses. They’re essential for digestion and the effective absorption of nutrients – and there’s rapidly growing research which links the gut microbiome and gut health to the immune system, mental health and gastrointestinal disorders. But with modern living, high stress, poor sleep, inadequate nutrition and alcohol consumption can negatively impact the microbiome and cause poor gut health, bloating and discomfort.

BeHealthy is science-backed to boost the body’s beneficial bacteria and gut health in one daily sachet. In a multifunctioning supplement, the award-winning prebiotic, Frutafit®, and postbiotic, Totipro® reduce discomfort, bloating and digestive issues. With the addition of the BLP1™ strain of probiotics, BeHealthy also helps regulate body weight, reduce waist circumference and improve body mass index (BMI). The probiotic was even found to decrease stomach size in 64% of patients after 12 weeks in a clinical trial.

BeHealthy is also formulated with chicory root, which is high in fiber to feed the gut microbiome, support healthy blood sugar levels and encourage regular bowel movements.

To supercharge BeHealthy’s immune benefits and fight oxidative stress, each sachet also delivers 167% of the vitamin C recommended daily intake and 164% of the zinc recommended daily intake. A potent dose of elderberry, which has 10 times more antioxidant flavonoids than other berries, also boosts immunity, helps fight cold and flu symptoms, improves heart health and reduces skin inflammation associated with acne.

In 30 convenient sachets for one month's supply, BeHealth is a daily, berry flavored liquid supplement that encourages you and your gut health to flourish.

Tear open and sip one sachet daily.

Vitamin C, Zinc, Elderberry, Chicory Root, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Postbiotics

Key Benefits / Results

• 64% of patients experienced a decrease in stomach size in 12 weeks with BLP1™ probiotic supplementation
• Support gut health and digestion
• Reduce bloating and discomfort
• Boost immune defense
• Helps fight cold and flu symptoms
• Improves heart health
• Reduces skin inflammation

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Real, visible results

Feel clinically proven results with one daily sachet.
64% of patients experienced a decrease in stomach size in 12 weeks with BLP1™ probiotic supplementation.

Prebiotic Frutafit®

As a prebiotic and source of dietary fiber, this patented chicory root extract encourages the gut microbiome to flourish for improved gut health, balanced blood sugar and regular bowel movements.

Probiotic BPL1

An award-winning probiotic strain, BPL1 aids digestion and promotes gut health. With daily supplementation, this probiotic strain delivers clinically studied benefits for improving body mass index (BMI) and decreasing waist circumference by 64% in just 12 weeks.

Postbiotic Totipro®

Created by fermenting functional probiotics, Totipro® is a concentrated source of vitamins, amino acids and antimicrobial peptides. The postbiotic supplement helps maintain gut health and prevents harmful bacteria without the storage limitations of traditional probiotics.