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Inside our formulas

Science-backed ingredients

Our liquid supplements are filled with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Think: clinically backed actives, essential vitamins and minerals and natural extracts. Complete with fun, fruity flavors, our supplements aren’t just effective but go down easy, too.

Transparent sourcing and testing

We’re committed to quality actives, traceable ingredients and clinically studied formulas for supplements that are tried and tested to deliver unrivaled results.

Stringent safety standards

Every formula is non-toxic, safe for daily supplementation and produced in a facility that's Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified. So you can support your wellbeing and beauty routine in one trusted step.

Backed by science

Our formulas don’t just stand up to busy living – our supplements stand out. Each sachet is a potent dose of active ingredients that are extensively researched and trialed by our world-class formulators.

Why take a liquid supplement?

Discover the clinically backed actives, enhanced absorption and convenient sachets of our liquid beauty and health supplements.

Better benefits

Support your health, enhance your beauty routine and boost your vitality. Our multitasking liquid supplements are formulated with science-backed actives and targeted for your health and beauty goals. So you can take it easy.

Be Radiant

A beauty-boosting liquid supplement for glowing skin, glossy hair and fast-growing nails.

- Soften signs of aging and smooth skin
- Promote strong, fast-growing hair and nails
- Support gut and joint health


Be Sharp

A brain-powering liquid supplement to support cognitive function, memory and concentration.

- Improve cognition and concentration
- Maintain brain health
- Support mental clarity


Be Strong

An energizing liquid supplement to power up mornings and tune out stressful situations.

- Optimize energy production
- Enhance physical and mental performance
- Promote recovery and relaxation


Be Healthy® Immunity Boost

A liquid immunity supplement with 3-in-1 pre, post + probiotics for gut health plus vitamin C, zinc and elderberry to strengthen immunity and overall health: 

• Support gut health and digestion
• Reduce bloating and discomfort
• Boost immune defense
• Helps fight cold and flu symptoms
• Improves heart health
• Reduces skin inflammation

Discover value bundles

Make the most of your routine by getting 10% off and free shipping when you bundle your health, beauty and wellness supplements.