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BeMe is wellness for the real world. You won’t find hard-to-swallow pills, gritty powders or unrealistic rituals here – just innovative liquid supplements that fit into your life and slip right into your day.

Whether you’re taking the first steps on your health journey or already making strides, we’re taking the hard work out of living well. With convenient tear-and-go sachets and fun flavors, our supplements are easy to take and even easier to love. So you don’t have to compromise your time or tastebuds to put yourself first That means that while you’re out with the sun on your face and wind in your hair, we’re hard at work.

Our trusted health experts are deep in the pages of clinical papers and putting our science-backed, quality supplements to the test. Our world-class formulations are one step ahead on the search for trailblazing new ingredients. We're creating the supplements you need, even before you know you need them. That's our commitment to you for unrivaled results in one daily step. We know life is complicated enough. We’re BeMe. We’re wellness, simplified. Now, let’s focus on you.

Our Mission

We’re here to make supplements easy to love. Our tear-and-go sachets are filled with liquid supplements, clinically studied ingredients and fun flavors – so you can take it easy while you reach your health and beauty goals.

Our Vision

You can throw away that juicer and sleep through your 4am alarm. You don’t need to keep up with the latest, craziest trends or spend countless hours to look and feel your best. We’re revolutionizing wellness with realistic, expert-backed advice and quality, affordable supplements for everyone.

Our Purpose

Life is complicated, but your wellbeing shouldn’t be. We’re committed to creating simple, effective supplements that streamline demanding days and time poor routines. So you see brighter, better balanced days.

From the founder

BeMe was born from my own wellness journey. Like many of us, I put my work ahead of myself for decades, and at the expense of my health. So as I entered my forties, I committed to making a change.

I buried myself in the pages of scientific papers. I immersed myself in communities across the world – and moved to Japan to live, breathe and study the traditional customs behind their longevity. I tried everything from going keto to cold water therapy. But I learnt not to overcomplicate it. A consistent supplement routine and daily movement was all I needed to transform both my physical and mental wellbeing.

There was just one catch: remembering so many supplements, mixing messy powders and taking hard-to-swallow pills started to feel like a chore. This planted the seed for BeMe.

Over four years, I researched clinical studies and collaborated with doctors, nutritionists and wellness experts. I searched the globe for quality, effective ingredients and cutting edge extracts. I was driven to create clinically-backed, on-the-go liquid supplements that simplify modern beauty, health and wellness concerns. Then in 2021 BeMe launched with BeRadiant, our best-selling and clinically-proven collagen supplement.

BeMe has since grown to innovate science-backed supplements that support a range of health and wellness goals. From Be Sharp for memory and mental clarity to Be Strong for enhanced energy and physical performance and Be Healthy for improved gut health and strengthened immunity, there’s a BeMe supplement to boost everyone and every daily routine.

By prioritising effective, bioavailable actives and convenient sachets, BeMe’s liquid supplements deliver real results and streamline daily routines. As the founder, it’s not lost on me the influence our supplements have on our community’s quality of life and longevity. Seeing our customers’ visible results and reading their glowing testimonials is incredibly rewarding. It’s what motivates me day-in, day-out.

Thank you for entrusting me with your beauty, health and wellness.

Martin Berry
Founder & CEO

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