Beauty + Focus Duo

Collagen + Biotin | Omega 3 + Turmeric

Be Radiant® Liquid Collagen Beauty Boost
  • 15% Increase in skin elasticity after 4 weeks
  • 42% decrease in cracked nails after 6 months
  • Significant decrease of visible wrinkles after 4 weeks
  • Decline in cellulite scores after 3 and 6 months
Be Sharp® Liquid Brain Boost
  • 60% improvement in cognitive performance
  • Enhanced bioavailability for fast results
  • Stimulant-free to avoid the afternoon lull
  • Supports overall brain and heart health

2 x 30 0.7 fl oz / 20ml

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In this targeted pairing, Be Radiant® Liquid Collagen Beauty Boost and Be Sharp® Liquid Brain Boost create supple skin and mental clarity so you can start every day at your brightest and sharpest.

Modern stressors like burnout and poor sleep can show up in the body as dry, sensitive skin, hair loss and compromised concentration. So this duo is an easy-to-take and effective solution to calm stressed-out skin, thicken hair and fade away that frazzled feeling.

When it’s time to look the part and be whip-smart, this routine is ready to step up.

Be Radiant® harnesses clinically proven Verisol® collagen peptides plus biotin, vitamin C, vitamin E and CoQ10. These actives are backed by science to stimulate collagen, reduce hair loss and deliver beautiful results without the fuss of lengthy routine.

Be Sharp® is a clinically studied, all-in-one memory and concentration aid. With Memophenol™, a patented combination of Champagne grape and Canadian wild blueberry extracts, plus turmeric, black pepper and vegan Omega-3 DHA algae oil, the supplement helps promote long-term brain health, cognitive function and mental clarity. It’s also caffeine-free and fast-acting for on the go support all day, every day.

Tear open and sip one sachet daily.

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Clinically proven collagen

VERISOL®’s bioavailable collagen peptides are effectively absorbed in the gut to stimulate collagen production in the dermis. In as soon as four weeks, VERISOL® collagen peptides are clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, thicken hair and strengthen nails, with added benefits for gut health.