Nailed it: Get inspired with 2023’s breakout nail trends

Nailed it: Get inspired with 2023’s breakout nail trends

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Driven by a new wave of beauty muses and the instant virality of everything they touch, nail trends are cropping up just as quickly as our next manicure appointments. But there’s one common thread that connects 2023’s biggest nail trends: Beautifully minimal manicures and healthy nails.

Think of the clean girl, stealth wealth and skinimalism trends. These breakout aesthetics are all about enhancing your natural beauty to a timeless (and incredibly enviable) standard. The result is a glowing, almost perfect complexion, glossy hair and classically manicured nails. So to lay the foundations for always on-trend nails, this is the year to give statement manicures a rest and prioritize nail care. Keep reading to discover 2023 nail inspiration and science backed steps to support long, strong nails in your daily routine.

1. The naked manicure

This trend takes manicures back to basics. Instead of focussing on expertly painting a color, invest in perfectly shaped and shining nails. Complete with trimmed, clean cuticles and ultra soft hands, this trend showcases the beautiful simplicity of healthy nails. Before you reach for the tools, start your nail care from the inside out. A daily collagen supplement – like BeMe’s clinically backed, peach-flavored sachet – is an easy and effective way to strengthen your nail routine. With clinically backed marine collagen peptides, a daily dose of Be Radiant strengthens nails to decrease cracks and chips by 42% in 90 days. It even speeds up nail growth, and is enriched with vitamin E to nourish the nail bed and encourage glossy nails. After just a few weeks, your long nails will be ready to carefully trim and file into a classic shape with square tips and softly rounded corners. Just gently buff to remove ridges and boost shine, then massage a couple of drops of oil into your cuticles before bed each night.

2. Stealth wealth nails

Once you’ve mastered the art of a naked manicure, finesse the natural shade of your nails. Inspired by the quiet luxury fashion trend, this manicure is elegant. It doesn’t make a statement, because it doesn’t need to. Stealth wealth stands out because it’s strategically simple – and a fine detail only those in the know recognize. First, lay down a base coat to strengthen nails and maximize your manicure’s wear time. Next, apply a sheer pink, soft nude or milky nail polish and a high shine top coat – and watch as your natural beauty speaks louder than words.

3. Micro nail art

While classic beauty is redefining 2023’s nail trends, there’s also room for a little playfulness. As sweet additions to sheer pink polish, a single red heart or ultra fine French tips appear minimalist at first glance but lean into of-the-moment trends as they emerge. However you choose to adorn your nails, reach for hues like cherry red, hot pink, lavender, oceanic blue and electric green for a trending injection of color.

4. Blueberry milk nails

This trend may have been coined blueberry milk, but you might know this rising shade as duck egg or baby blue. Applied in thin, smooth coats, blueberry milk nails are a subtle shift away from natural pink manicures. Whether the trending manicure acts as your something blue or just a wearable color for everyday, this creamy, understated blue brings sophistication to an otherwise statement nail shade.

5. Mirror ball shine

The most brilliant trend yet, shimmering manicures are making a return. The trick is to look for chromatic and glitter nail polishes with particles so fine and so close together that they reflect light off each other like a mirror. Remember, this manicure is about shifting light and catching the eyes, rather than creating a disco-inspired statement. So seek out pearly, champagne and rose gold shades for a molten effect and subtle sparkle.

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