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Marine Collagen and Its Effect on Hair, Skin, and Nails

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Youve probably heard of collagen, and perhaps youve even heard of marine collagen, or youre curious to learn more about it? Especially its effect on your hair, skin, and nails.

At BeMe, this is what were all about, and as supplement specialists, were well placed to answer this question. So here were going to take you through all the potentially beautifying effects of marine collagen. 

Let’s start with a quick summary, then well get into more details on each area.

Effectiveness of marine collagen on

Marine collagen effectiveness on hair

  • Promotes amino acids that build hair
  • Avoids damage to hair follicles
  • Prevents hair thinning

Marine collagen effectiveness on skin

  • Reduce skin dryness
  • Improve skin elasticity and structure
  • Produces other skin-supportive proteins

Marine collagen effectiveness on nails

  • Promotes nail growth
  • Reduces brittle nails
  • Hydrates the nail bed

So that’s the quick overview ...but you’re probably left wondering just how marine collagen can be effective.

Or maybe you’ve heard enough already, and just want to try Marine collagen for yourself!

Either way, well dive into how it achieves these improvements to your hair, skin, and nails below. But first, lets give you an overview of what marine collagen actually is.

What is marine collagen?

Marine collagen is derived from fish, these include specific parts of the fish such as the fins, skin, scales, and bones. These parts are broken down and hydrolyzed to create a supplement.

This method of processing enables marine collagen to retain small particles of peptides smaller than other animal products.

This enables marine collagen to easily enter our bloodstream faster, and be absorbed more efficiently.

Marine collagen is also one of the most environmentally friendly collagen sources as it uses the parts of fish that would otherwise be wasted. 

Most importantly, marine collagen can provide the body with eight of nine amino acids that are essential to our body to function effectively.

According to experts, There are at least 16 types of collagen. 8090% of the collagen in the body falls into types I, II, and III. Marine collagen includes types I and II. Heres what that means for you... 

  • Type I collagen - Found throughout most of the body. Concentrated mainly in bones, ligaments, tendons, skin, hair, nails, and the gut lining.
  • Type II collagen - is mainly found in cartilage

Now youre probably starting to see how supplements around this type of collagen directly affect hair, skin, and nails.

And its no surprise that recently, marine collagen has become increasingly popular because of the range of effects it demonstrates in benefiting the hair, skin, and nails.

Marine collagen provides your body with eight of nine amino acids

that are essential to our body to function effectively

Marine collagen effectiveness on hair

Marine collagen effectiveness on hair 

Here are the marine collagen benefits to your hair.

Rich in amino acids that can build hair 

Hair is made up of the protein Keratin and our body uses several amino acids to build keratin, of which some are found in marine collagen.

So when you consume marine collagen your body breaks them down into amino acids, which can then be used to build new proteins like Keratin which supports hair growth. 

Marine collagen is also made up of 3 non-essential amino acids; proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline. 

Proline is a main component of Keratin. So consuming marine collagen as a supplement should provide you with the required building blocks to promote new hair growth. 

Avoids damage to hair follicles

Your body can develop free radicals in the body as a result of stress, smoking, poor dietary choices, air pollutants, alcohol, and other environmental influences.

These free radicals can damage your cells, proteins, DNA, and even hair follicles. And (see above) to fight these free radicals, the body needs antioxidants.

Because its produced from components like fish scales, marine collagen has powerful antioxidant activities ...and so can prevent these free radicals from damaging the hair follicles.  

Prevents hair thinning

As you grow old your body becomes less efficient at producing collagen and replenishing cells in the dermis. Collagen makes up to 70% of your dermis (the middle layer of your skin that contains the root of each hair strand) 

Consuming marine collagen specifically formulated to maintain beauty can improve the elasticity and strength of your dermis.

Marine collagen is also seen as effective in reducing signs of skin aging. Collagen can counteract the effects of skin aging to support better hair growth, with a potential reduction in the rates of thinning hair.


Marine collagen effectiveness on skin

Marine collagen effectiveness on skin

Reduce skin dryness and boost moisture levels

Collagen is a key element for skin health and is important for strengthening the skin, increasing hydration and moisture levels.

As you age, the body produces less collagen leading to dry skin, wrinkles, and increasing the signs of aging. 

Taking marine collagen improves the moisture levels in your skin, reducing skin dryness and any wrinkles that are caused by dryness effects.

This will in turn slow down skin aging and help achieve a plumper and more radiant complexion. Marine collagen helps keep skin hydrated and healthy.

Improve skin elasticity and structure

Skin elasticity is an essential component to keep your skin smooth and even, without breaking, or tearing.

However, once you reach your mid-to-late 20s, your skin begins to lose elasticity. This eventually leads to sagging skin, causing more noticeable wrinkles and lines. 

Marine collagen improves skin elasticity, keeping your skin's texture healthy and youthful. Its also believed to help the body produce other proteins including elastic fibers that your skin needs to maintain a healthy and young-looking structure.

Helps to produce other skin-supportive proteins

Marine collagen also promotes other skin-supportive properties including elastin and fibrillin. While these proteins help in keeping your skin and structure healthy, it also provides a healthy environment for your skin to prevent acne and other skin conditions or diseases.

As such incorporating marine collagen into your lifestyle at an early stage can be a great way to assure healthy and young-looking skin ...that can help keep away possible skin conditions from developing as a result of aging.


Marine collagen effectiveness on skin

Marine collagen effectiveness on  nails

Promotes nail growth

Marine collagen is packed with bioactive collagen peptides.

Peptides are referred to as compounds that have two or more amino acids. This creates the building blocks for proteins that are necessary to keep your bones and tissue healthy including the nails.

Therefore marine collagen will naturally provide your nails with the right nutrients required to aid nail growth.

This is why many people who consume marine collagen supplements, notice their nails growing longer, quicker, and stronger with fewer broken nails. 

Marine collagen will naturally provide your nails with the right nutrients required to aid nail growth

Reduces brittle nails

Collagen is prevalent in connective tissues and supports nail health. As we age and experience a reduction in collagen, our nails weaken leading to brittle nails.

Brittle nails are a common condition thats characterized by nail surface roughness, ruggedness, and peeling. 

So as marine collagen provides your nails with the right properties that are essential to maintain their health, strength, and structure, you will be able to lessen the effects of brittle nails and experience an improved aesthetic appearance in your nails. 

Hydrates the nail bed

One of the main reasons why we (annoyingly) experience brittle, splitting, and fragile nails is dehydration.

When the moisture level in the nail drops, it becomes dried out, causing them to weaken. This is why nail specialists like manicurists, emphasize using moisturizers or recommend nail moisturizing treatments to keep the nails hydrated.  

Thankfully marine collagen has properties that aids in hydrating the nail-bed and cuticles, thereby preventing your nail from the pressure of daily grind and other wear and tear.

More collagen help.

We hope this article has given you plenty of reasons to see marine collagen as your friend when it comes to helping your hair, skin, and nails. After all, these are some of the areas we focus on most when trying to look our best, and prevent age from creeping upon us!

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